Killer Campaign - Book 3 of the Lisa Chance Cozy Mysteries

Killer Campaign

Small town politics can be murder.
Until she went with her boyfriend to ask the mayor to fund a spay and neuter clinic, Lisa Chance had never even set foot in city hall. But this all changes after the mayor is caught in an illegal gambling ring and fired.
With the town’s political landscape turned upside down, long-simmering tensions threaten the peace and stability of Moss Creek.
Now Lisa’s mother feels it’s her duty to run for the vacant office, and ropes Lisa into acting as her campaign manager.
When a murder disrupts the rival campaign, it seems no one in town is safe. Can Lisa find the killer in time to protect the town and the people she loves?
Book 3 in the Lisa Chance Cozy Mystery series, a series with no graphic sex or violence and no strong language. Read it today!