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Cozy Mystery Comfort Reads

Where the ebooks are free and the paperbacks make a great gift for any occasion

Do you ever feel like all anyone on the internet does is Yell Yell Yell or Sell Sell Sell?

I’d rather give a little comfort, a little escape from all the noise.

Curl up with a nice cup of tea, coffee, or lemonade and a free ebook, and relax.

Did I say free? Yes. All my ebooks are free to download on any platform.

Read on your Kindle or Nook or Kobo, or on your favorite ebook app on your tablet or phone.

And when you’re done, read another one. Absolutely free. Read them all. It’s my gift to you. The ebooks are free, and the paperbacks are for sale for a reasonable price.

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And always remember, books make a great gift for any occasion.

Stay cozy, and happy reading!



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